To leave or to forgive again

To leave or to forgive again
 Many people know that love never comes alone. Inseparable companion of this feeling in most respects is pain. Sometimes it is associated with the need to forgive infidelity and betrayal of a loved one. So many women have to make a choice: leave or again the faithful to forgive.  

Most women, getting into a similar situation, begins to question the need to forgive a loved one. However, it should take a sober look at the situation and understand that for you is more expensive - pride or a loved one. Even if the trust has been eroded, it is possible to find the strength to save the marriage.

To begin with a look at the other side of betrayal. If a man went to look for something on the side, so that he lacks this in existing relationships. Try to find the reasons that are hidden deep inside. In most cases, betrayal - a symptom.

If you want to keep the relationship, start with a clean slate and forget about infidelity, find the strength to talk openly with your partner. Do not immediately jump on him with complaints and demands, and listen to the story of his feelings and emotions. A man should appreciate your wisdom, prudence and love.

When you can not cope with the feelings sweeping over you: the pain, hurt, anger or disappointment - think of all the things that make you happy. Remember why you are attracted to this man, what positive qualities he has, etc. The only way you can deal with this situation.

In life have met couples in which cheating has managed to strengthen the relationship between two people. After this injury steam begins to appreciate what he has, with a great sense of awe and refers to the partner, trying not to miss a minute of it together.

It is worth remembering that during a frank conversation with her husband about the reasons which have pushed him to take this step, do not try to dig down to the smallest detail. You can hear things that immediately struck through any efforts to maintain the relationship.

Also, do not always control the man who has committed treason. Every time I want to make a "interrogation", try to lower himself to the ground and restrain such impulses. This is only a push for a new wife adventures.

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