The most stupid gifts for March 8

The most stupid gifts for March 8
 Men often think about the gift to women after getting them a gift on February 23. And since time is a little bit, and to bother about it most of the representatives of the strong half do not want you to give ladies a gift that they in a nightmare could not prividetsya.

Among wacky gifts is one of the first places occupied by all sorts of silly toy surprises, like a huge hairy jumping spiders, clockwork mice and other "charms". Some men are confused on 8 March, April 1, which is known, is also called the day a fool, and therefore obtained wacky gifts.

Even more absurd and tactless woman watching things that are used for correction, improvement of the skin, etc. This is a direct allusion to the fact that the woman does not conform to a certain ideal. But if it does not, and roll away with his anti-cellulite cream, sculpting underwear and fake breasts. Attempt to turn everything into a joke can only exacerbate the situation.

Men can quite sincerely strive to present exactly what they think, wants to get a woman. Of course, the coat - it's what we need. But it is better for the New Year. And if you give a woman with a full coat "grinpisovskimi 'views, it is immediately migrates into the category of the most wacky gifts.
No matter how artfully were made artificial flowers, they are still artificial. A woman will accept such a gift, as a broad hint that you are her "in a coffin seen." And the holiday is finally broken, and with it the relationship.

Some cunning men give to women's holiday things to his own favorite. There is nothing more foolish than to give a friend who can not distinguish between a pawn of an elephant, a magnificent chess set, in which he'll play with friends. Or a set of carpentry tools and pocket knife or a fishing rod. Just like a joke:

- What your husband has presented on March 8?
- Inflatable Boats, spinning and waders.
It is true there is a continuation of:
- And what did you tell him presented on February 23?
- A mink coat ...

The root of evil is likely lies in the fact that we rely on our own understanding of the desires of our loved ones. Therefore, to avoid silly mistakes and wasting money on stupid gifts, is to ask that in fact, people want to get a gift, and even better to go with him to choose a gift. You can, of course, give a gift certificate for a decent amount. But do not delay!

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