Methods of dealing with male shortcomings

Methods of dealing with male shortcomings
 Men, in spite of all their wonderful qualities, not without some flaws. Although at the time of first love women in focus do not notice. The bitter truth is opened, as a rule, together with the start of family life. Then the weaker sex is defined rather naive question: how to deal with the "terrible" male shortcomings.
 The characteristic masculine "defects" in terms of women include the following.

Ability to promise "golden mountain", and then in every possible way to delay their delivery to your feet. Reminding the promise is possible, but very carefully, very rarely, and only in instances males, which differ innate calmness and kindness. As the saying goes: "the promised three years of waiting."

Forgetfulness, reaching to the MS. Favorite can not remember the date of your birthday, your wedding, what grade a your son and a lot more then. This happens not because you live callous and insensitive selfish, but simply because he thinks it is not very important information. More important for him to know that you are healthy, happy and secured him. In the last man never doubt.

Stubborn refusal to ask for directions when lost in the urban or rural "jungle." Men would rather stray whole day rather than ask the right direction. The only thing you can do in such a situation, it is not paying attention to the formidable prohibitions ask for directions independently.

Total scattering socks around the house. This piece of clothing can be found anywhere - on your TV, under cabinet, on your dresser, but not in a place that is reserved for storing socks. You have two options. First - silently pick up socks and put them in their place. Second - silently and pick up socks in front of him to throw out the window. In this case, the main thing is not to get nervous and do not curse. In the end, he was tired of constantly buy new pairs and maybe your man to get rid of this shortcoming. Or from you.

Infinite pereschelkivanie TV channels. Sometimes it may seem that you have in your eyes dazzled. But no, this is your faithful watching TV. Why he does so, he himself does not know. Perhaps this is an innate reflex. It is impossible to fight. Just get into the next room and quietly watch your favorite TV shows on the other screen.

Passion for all sports programs and militants. Plus loud commenting everything that is happening at the moment on the screen. If you really interfere with these comments, it can be several times quietly say about it. Then, if your warnings do not work (and they will not work), take the scissors in hand, but rather a garden pruner, and resolutely cut the cord TV antenna. Then run away and hide. Oddly enough, this method works. TV your man, of course, did not stop to look. But next time, before you open your mouth and blurted out, "Well, where do you strike, cretin" - think ten times.

Inexplicable aversion to all your friends. This is not a flaw. It's more dignity. Indeed, in important respects, to your partner loved you.

The main methods of dealing with male shortcomings - a lot of love, understanding, patience and a desire to help. And do not make mountains out of molehills. Look at things with humor and life close to your loved one will be much more enjoyable and fun.

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