Maintain relations: how to avoid breaking up

Maintain relations: how to avoid breaking up
 Beloved man. And here is this man socks beside the couch, that's stained with fuel oil new sweater, that's unwashed dishes. It is not known where there was a beer belly and stubble, and the broken pipe in the bath is still waiting, and when it drew attention. Bouquets of flowers? No, the house is also not found. Compliments and romance? Did they? So can someone who is lying on the couch with the TV remote control, you do not love? If your light head visited such thoughts, it's time to choose: to burn bridges or to save the relationship, so as not to leave.

A loved one is difficult to find, but even more difficult to keep the resulting feelings for him. Love or is, or it is not. And if it is not - then why be together? This is the reason why most couples breaks. Feelings fade away gradually, and all the fault time. How is it going?

When two friends and just starting to build a relationship, they always tend to look better than it actually is. Young people are nice caring, generous with compliments and gifts, not vrednichaet and patiently stand delay. The Chosen One is ready to go with you to shop all day and smile sincerely. Joyfully greet you every evening from work. Men in this period is very nice, courteous and caring. All disputes fleeting disappear with the appearance of a smile.

Candy buketny period runs out too quickly and gives way to everyday problems. Cohabitation opens in man is not the most pleasant of quality, and to be precise, the ones that are so carefully hid earlier. Here and brewing scandals social background: the distribution of responsibilities at home and the total purse. Constant fatigue and stress poured on a loved one. Appearance is not worth it in the first place, both during dating. Dressing gown and a tuft of hair collected in gum, is forced out of the wardrobe mini-dresses and stilettos. Quarrel quarrel, scandal scandal, both no longer hear each other. And do not even want to find out where the grain of contention. Simply run up, leave and slam the door. And if you're going to get away from their present halves, made the biggest mistake in my life. Relationships like a flower, require care, attention and care.

Remember that financial difficulties - this is a temporary problem, it should not affect the way you feel.
Life - very persistent "enemy", but you pushy. If you decide to live together, then immediately arrange dot the "i". Assign duties, tell us about what you have habits like you're used to spend time at home. This will help to avoid unnecessary conflicts and find a compromise.

Appearance. The young man falls in love with your original "wrapper". Stay as sweet candy, even if you will be dressing gown. But such a robe that it is not a shame to parade in the world podium. Watch for yourself and a partner to this accustom.

Spend time together, get yourself a common activity and combine business with pleasure. Not everyone in his corner at the computer, and side by side collecting puzzles, playing bingo, expanding collection.

Share your secret. You have to trust each other, to share feelings and enjoy a sincere partner.
Do not limit the freedom of a loved one. Suppose you have at least one day during the week when you can have a rest from the partner. Sitting with her friends in the exclusively female circle will bring a lot of impressions in the next days. A man can spend your holiday in the garage with a childhood friend and the "iron horse".

Daily routine and monotony Boden make life dull and boring. Here we must accustom ourselves to the fact that every holiday and the output should be carried out in a special way, not as usual. One Saturday - kebabs in the country, the other - a walk in the autumn forest, the third - meeting with the family and relatives. You must have a positive charge and enjoy new experiences.

Conflicts and disagreements. Negotiate on the beach. Each head has its taboo subjects, which do not need to talk. Otherwise, it works like a red rag to a bull, and like no reason, however, listen to the requests of each other.

Learn to forgive. For wise men bottomless patience. All make mistakes, sooner or later eating the forbidden fruit. Treachery, betrayal, hurt - hurt the soul. Time will lead to an understanding, leaving a bitter aftertaste. Let the precipitate and lies at the bottom of the bowl, gradually dissolving and racking up your senses.

Love sincerely, do as I would like them to do to you.

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