Learning to be desired

Learning to be desired
 Women tend to desire to please all ages. To be attractive, does not necessarily have a personal stylist and spend all your time at beauty salons. It is enough to observe a few simple rules.

Do not try to fit in all the standards that define the glossy magazines. For example, the reference thinness, so necessary to girls on the catwalks, in ordinary life is not for everyone. It is important not the number of pounds and tighten muscles.

Make time for physical activity. Contrary to popular belief, an expensive subscription to a fitness room does not solve all the problems with the figure. Sometimes it is enough morning exercise and regular walks in the park, to feel healthy and young.

Pace yourself diets are harmful, but follow the diet is necessary. It depends on not only the general state of the organism, and complexion. Discard obviously harmful products: chips, sweet drinks, fatty desserts.

Sexuality - it's not flashy, and confidence in their feminine power. Emphasize its natural beauty make-up, but do not overdo it. Garishly bright lipstick, dark eyeliner appropriate only for ladies of easy virtue.

Remember that short skirts and high heels are not for everyone. But if the figure does not allow to open the legs above the knee, not in a hurry to wrap in shapeless robes. Pick a style that will emphasize your strengths - a thin waist and beautiful breasts.

Finds the attractive features, congratulate yourself for even small successes. These simple exercises will give you confidence, which is the key attraction.

Flirting with a man! Do not hesitate to start a conversation first, take the initiative. Then around you will always be gentlemen, among whom certainly there is someone who will be a faithful companion for life.

Remember that men are often attracted to women is not beauty, and the ability and willingness to communicate with them. Be friendly, open, ready for a new relationship, and the shortage of admirers you never will be.

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