Is it possible to love at a distance

Is it possible to love at a distance
 Around the world, people argue whether there is love from a distance. There are many points of view on this subject, you can find pros and cons of this, explain, etc. However, only a loving person can feel all the bitterness of separation and the sweetness of the meeting. And in today's world, technology allows a little closer the half.

Many people argue that the distance can only ignite the flames of passion. The rare meeting, which donated a pair of love, are transformed into the happiest hours. Every time in the past: the tears, declarations of love, passion, etc. Unfortunately, it ends soon.

In today's world, most people are gaining a crazy pace, and in this whirlwind of friends, acquaintances, business meetings and trips, socializing with family and maintaining the household chores person simply dissolves. He is accustomed to live without her beloved, who stayed away. Soon, he can not imagine how to fit one or the other in their lives, in their busy schedule.

In most cases, is friendship, mutual respect and fond memories. However, the love is gone. Each goes his own way, everyone has their own hobbies and interests. The moment when he had to go on a crazy step and move to another city (and sometimes the country), missed.

The disadvantages of love in the distance you can also include the need for full, boundless trust a man. The fact that many miles you will not be able to keep your favorite from a particular act. Ask too many questions, too, makes no sense, because by telephone or the Internet, you can lie and not blush. But you harass yourself inventing itself different dirty pictures and scenes.

At the same time distance exists love. It is perfect for people who prefer to take refuge from the world, spending time at the computer, corresponding with his second half. Distance does not frighten those who are afraid of life and all those problems related to everyday life. But such love can soothe the conscience: I am not alone, I have a favorite, with whom we are building the perfect relationship. Only here intoxication passes quickly, it remains only an empty apartment and silent phone.

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