How to tell the man that you broke up

How to tell the man that you broke up
 If you are fully aware that your guy - it's not what you want, it's time to leave him. We need to act clearly, firmly, but do not detract from the dignity of man. Termination of an affair is usually held for two painful. There are several ways of parting, and any one of them is not easy. We must all consider carefully and, if possible, it is wise.
 Imagine your real life without that person. If you do realize that you do not associate with him, or that your relationship is exhausted, it is time to leave. Prepare your man for a serious discussion. Let the phone calls will be drier and shorter and less frequent meetings.

If you are afraid to open the conversation, write him an e-mail on the Internet. In a letter to explain the situation to the partner and say goodbye. If this method for some reason does not suit you, try another one: when they met, try to tell him honestly that pent up. Tell us about your past relationships, as well as the present. You can fantasize a bit and say that you have it - not the only one. Maybe the guy does not want to further develop relations with the "windy" girl. He will not very flattering memories of you, but it's you want to leave, so not all the same to you?

There are still options. Think of yourself overtime or additional studies - whatever you want, but would not see him. It is possible that after a while your young man starts dating a new girl.

No need to say that he finds a new woman and finding true love in his life. After all, your boyfriend can not yet think about the future without you. And do not try to calm him down. Seeing your pity, the man would feel insulted and humiliated.

During the conversation, clearly it must be said about the separation. Be prepared for unpredictable reactions from men. Maybe he threatened to commit suicide. This can be a threat for your life. You have to say that these words are stupid and you do not act. If a man does not want to respond to your phrases, just finished a conversation and all. It is not necessary to justify himself or a man. Go away and do not look back.

The main thing - do not lose self-control and not give up their words. Maybe he was waiting for your partner this conversation and I am glad that the initiative came from the break you.

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