How to recognize the hidden sexual signals

How to recognize the hidden sexual signals
 Hidden sexual signals can be recognized, if you carefully look at the person. Not necessarily at the same time to listen to what people say, it is only necessary for him to monitor closely. For example, a woman giving a man a lot of hidden signals, which can be seen if want.

Man woman sends signals at a subconscious level. She herself may not realize this. Some of the women studied carefully unconscious signals own body and began to skillfully use them, increasing their attractiveness.

The success of the man when he meets a girl, depends on signals sent to it and recognize its signals. It does not matter what people say when meeting. Important non-verbal communication - gestures, signs, tone of voice, facial expression, self-confidence.

How to recognize the signals that sends a woman?

1. The signal "appraising look." As soon as a man appears in the room, the woman inspects him from head to toe. This means that a man was hit by evaluating the signal. Next posture - a proud bearing. Woman straightens starts something to do vigorously. After she snaps in a beautiful position to attract the attention of men.

2. Signal "Women's chatter." This signal is designed for two friends, both of which it is sent to a handsome man. When this signal is they continue to giggle or talk, looking toward men.

3. A woman may send a signal "cuckoo" sitting reading a magazine, so she tries to make it clear that he wants a man. A look at the man, then down and to the side - this is a look shy geisha. "Squint" - a woman, even talking is not a man can throw at him askance, or over the shoulder.

4. There are signals that indicate that a woman wants sex. Often women smokers demonstrate wrist, some Teasing chain sorted decorations pripudrivayut nose, lip color. Playing with hair: strands twisting around on his finger, priglazhivanie them - all this testifies to the woman's sexual desire.

Recognize the signals need to both men and women, as well as to learn to respond to them. Since women have to answer regarding their signals, then the success of the men will be provided.

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