How to learn to receive gifts from men

How to learn to receive gifts from men
 What better way to talk about the relationship of man to you, what made them a gift? Many women simply do not know how to properly take these tokens. This can reduce the desire of man to give gifts to nothing.
 Learn how to form the right attitude to gifts. There may be two extremes. The first - an embarrassed blush and internally to refuse a gift. The second - to accept gifts for granted. Both positions are destroying not only the desire of man to give anything but the relationship itself. In the first case may suspect that if you can not accept gifts, so he was the first who presents you gifts. The situation with the acceptance of gifts as it should scare the stronger sex. After all, if any of his attention to her does not mean anything, or it already considers it as their own. And then, and another very hurt male ego.

 Of course, when assessing the situation much solves man your age. A woman who has not learned to accept gifts to 25 years, may be perceived as unpopular. But the young girl just embarrassment.

 At the time of gift giving is about your emotional reaction and the way you know how to express it. Beautifully expressed amazement - often precisely the reaction, which is expected to many men. For the joyful surprise in the eyes of many of your favorite ready for everything. Just show as you admire - and the man wants to give you more and more. Do not forget to tell him exactly what positive qualities he demonstrated this gift.

Do not focus on generosity. Focus on the good taste and the fact that he knows how to love and to please his woman. Men exhibit greed when they do not have the emotional makeup of women. According to the principle - why should she give, if not wait thanks.

 Do not forget to give gifts to men themselves. It is clear that prices can be an order of magnitude smaller. The main thing - an individual approach. The little things that are inexpensive, can be highly appreciated. Just because he knows that you think about it and are looking for something that he would like. It is for the efforts he and appreciate your counter modest gestures. If you know that he has prepared for you a present, too, in advance, prepare him something nice. And such positive things will happen in your life more often.

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