How to keep your favorite Man

How to keep your favorite Man
 Romance, first love, kisses. And suddenly ... your guy offers to leave. Unfortunately, this often happens. But how to keep a loved one, how to prove your love to him?
 First dates can help you to understand how the relationship will be long-lasting. Often it is the boys are initiated breakup in the early stages of their development. The reason is simple, but true. They simply become bored with the girl.

If you want to return the love the guy, try to change internally. Paradoxical as it may sound, but become inaccessible. In a woman should be a mystery. Guys mentally compared Woman with a book: while you read - interesting, but when you come to the last page ... Of course, there are books that I want to after reading again pick up. So you have to be just such a "book."

In no case do not bother the guy endless phone calls. Do not be boring. This will further increase the stone wall that has grown between you. Give him to understand, to feel "freedom." Do not try and keep your favorite guy, became pregnant by him. Unfortunately, not all men feel responsible. Believe me, this can lead to unpredictable consequences.

In addition, she has to be smart and have a rich inner world. Pacifiers are not interesting. Yes, it is the absence of the mind and the inability to maintain a conversation might alienate Man. And let him that girl's nice to be alone in an intimate setting, he still goes to the other - more interesting. With it, he can always talk on any topic, it is not a shame to present to your friends, colleagues and relatives.

We should not forget that the girls who want to keep the guy must be wise. Guys do not like when they were not considered, do not pay attention to their remarks, trying to change their views. What is manifested female wisdom? First of all, in respect of his interests and hobbies division. We should not humiliate his own "I".

Make the guy felt its importance. By nature, man - the head of the family, however, the woman, according to the famous saying goes, must be "neck". And remember the most important thing - true love can not be kept by force or fraud.

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