How to define treason men

How to define treason men
 Betrayal of a loved one - is always painful, as it is an unexpected blow to the ego. This kind of harbinger of separation or alarm bell that signals that the relationship at risk, especially women suffer painful.
 In most cases, family relations - a voluntary partnership of two people loving each other, which have a common household and give birth to common children. Family psychologists say that common interests and finance unite people, but this is not always enough for the happiness of the spouses. When the family is not enough love, warmth, or sex, people are going to look for it on the side: according to statistics 75% of men change their wives. As a rule, women have intuition and thin feel a strange appearance of women in the life of its official partner.

Change the man, trying to hide the fact of change, often impersonating himself. It's not even such obvious facts, such as the characteristic marks on the body or clothing and venereal disease, everything is clear. The point is the behavior that is not usual for her husband. Excessive caring, loving, accompanied by gifts and sexual activity, or, on the contrary, isolation and indifference may indicate that the man has changed. By virtue of education and personal qualities different people act differently: some, when they feel guilty for treason behave obsequiously, others blaming partner behave as offended victim of circumstances.

Wife should alert changes in the daily routine. For example, before my husband always came home for lunch, and now he suddenly "changed the schedule" or were evening meetings and "complexity", because of which he was to stay at work. He began to work more, and money in the family to do fewer. He became stingy and economical too. He said that he goes to the gym and sports T-shirt day after day in his bag is never worn.

New woman - new experiences, sensations horizons. Man falls into a euphoric feeling full of energy, and even willing to do exercises in the morning and only eat lettuce and nuts. The sudden interest and care about their appearance also serves as proof that a man wants to please someone, because the wife has already conquered, then someone - another woman. For colleagues not epiliruju chest hair and do not shave their armpits, if earlier did not, and do not change the style of clothing. This is done for the woman he loved, after discussing with her new style.

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