How to choose between two men

How to choose between two men
 Find a life partner who should be your life at the same time her beloved husband, a loyal friend, a sexual partner - not quite a simple matter. And if you have to make a choice between several men?

One woman and two men. Not an uncommon situation in life, when the hand and heart ladies are fighting a few men. They may be rivals, knowing full well of each other. But there may not even be aware of the presence of another man in the life of his beloved.

Why would a woman confronts the necessity of this choice? Once there is such an unambiguous situation, it means that a woman is not quite sure of his feelings for both contenders for the title of the groom or husband. In most cases, it turns out that one man woman loves and wants to create a family with him. But the partner is not very fervently refers to all her dreams of love. He is in no hurry to make an important offer for her, but does not stop to give her a sign of special favor and attention. And the years go by, the years pass ...

At this time in a woman's life invades another man who is willing to wear it on his hands, sing songs under the window, bestow armfuls of flowers. He is such a caring, passionate love, with good manners, but. ... There is one "but" which prevents her say once a firm "yes." Do not lie to him the soul of a woman, but because, as he has good qualities, from which around goes head. Can-can endure slyubitsya? And the woman starts to rush to tear the soul itself, and both men.

How to choose between the two men? Love or secured life without true love? Any of the options, which will be directed to choose men among these candidates, will be for a woman losing. Selecting partners in life a man who loves, it dooms itself to the restless, with scandals and dissensions life. Jealousy, tears, impotence will be companions of her family life. It will be a lifetime to wait for special attention, affection, understanding the man she loved, but never gets to the extent in which it is currently planned. But none of it and promised from the beginning.

Combining his life with another man, she condemns him to suffering. Woman lifetime will suffer from their lack of love for the partner to be a lifetime to seek Prince

If women have thoughts of mate choice among several candidates, then talk about the presence of some deep and sincere feelings is not necessary at all.

How to choose between the two men? The answer is quite simple and banal. Like one man, but mutual. Then you will never have to torment this question.

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