How to check a man's love

How to check a man's love
 Some men are willing to declare their love. But as far as the words are true, think about it a lot of the fair sex.
 Check attitude to his loved one can be ready to share with you the resources, not only material. Require him money and gifts and wait for it can not be granted. If a man spends a lot of time with you, and he does not get bored with you, it means that his love is not only deep, but also has the potential to last a very long time. Loving person says a lot about his life and trusts you secrets. Of course, we need to prove that you are worthy of trust, but it eventually becomes less cautious. No wonder that spies use women for scouting. As for gifts, they give more to those who can repay for them and show their joy, from which a man becomes good at heart.

Loving person perceives you and ourselves as a whole and jealous of those who encroach on your time and attention, because the resources that you take, take and it. It can offer to scare away from home most obsessive girlfriends and especially male friends. So you can ask a colleague male couple times a week to call you - and watch the reaction of his beloved. He could not immediately respond, but you will notice the voltage necessary.

See how he reacts to other women. God forbid you ask a man about whether he liked figure or another hairstyle of the fair sex. It is not necessary runs into such a thought, watch his body language. Loving man may look at other and admire, but never make steps towards building relationships. A step to the left, a step to the right. But if you stretch it matters, you will be perceived as overseer. So just watch the men's gestures and draw conclusions. Send for a purpose to his girlfriend to check out your favorite "strength" is also impossible, because it can not end the way you would like.

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