How to captivate a man

How to captivate a man
 If you like a man, with whom you are friends, you can, using their feminine charm, wit and art of flirting, try to change this situation and captivate you liked the stronger sex.
 To achieve the planned you should always look good. But for this purpose it is not necessary to wear extravagant outfits or dye your hair a bright red color - a woman whose beauty a little stressed makeup and hair done in a modern hairstyle, is much more likely to captivate a man than a vulgar person.

Communicating with someone who you like, do not rush to tell him all the moments of your life - you will ocharuete interlocutor, if you stay for him though somewhat a mystery. Especially carefully talk about your personal life - the man did not need to know the exact number of your former novels.

You will soon reach their goal, if you become a support and share your chosen hobby. Man rather carried away a woman who just as he likes, for example, a photograph or hiking. If you before I met him this never fond of and does not have the relevant knowledge and experience, then go on a little trick and tell me what you've always wanted to go hiking or master the art of photography. Ask the person to whom you are not indifferent, help you realize your dream - so you will not only emphasize its competence in this matter, that men enjoy, but also will have the opportunity to meet frequently.

Use your feminine charm and sometimes flirt with your chosen one. Naturally, this must be done skillfully, otherwise your actions may only alienate you of who you are interested in. In addition, remember that a flirtation and coquetry is quite appropriate for a party, picnic or meeting friends, rather than a business meeting or exam.

A woman who has a lot of fans are always more interesting to men than that in which they are not. Ask your male friends a little pamper you in the presence of you liked the object. Given the man's psychology, according to which man - a hunter, he is likely to also pay attention to you and soon he begins to take the first steps towards rapprochement.

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