How to approach men

How to approach men
 Everyone, of course, is different. "To find the key" to a man, you must know him well enough, otherwise all your efforts will end in failure. To approach the man is difficult, but still possible.
 Guess the desires of men - a difficult but doable task for smart women. It is only necessary to become more observant and patient.

In search of an approach to a man is not guided by templates. Conventional wisdom like, "They're all the same" and "They are only one and it is necessary," separates you from the intended target and interfere with understanding the true desires and feelings of man. The man - the same person, just like you. With your thoughts, dreams, needs. Can not be considered an indication of preference of one man that it's sure to please others.

Observe the behavior of a man when he is relaxed, calm and nothing annoying. Most fully reveals man when he is at rest in an absolutely comfortable surroundings for - whether it's a picnic with close relatives or communication among old friends. At such moments, you can see his "present", to know his feelings and experiences. But at the same time, trying to get to know him, do not overdo it - if a man is relaxed, and you start to put pressure on him, he felt it closes on you emotionally, and nothing but irritation, you will not get from him.

Consider the experience of his previous relationship with women. Lover's easy victories interested "Die Hard" - a girl who will be able to as long whip it hunter instinct. A man who appreciates the tranquility and comfort in a relationship, attract balanced, modest girl. And arrogant egotist - confident, sarcastic and knows her worth beautiful.

Water wears away the stone. Do not look for an easy victory. Unable to find a way to a man a few days - take time to learn it, and that he was accustomed to you elementary and felt emotional closeness. Sympathy will help you achieve this goal, because much easier to understand a man when he is ready to share with you the most intimate secrets of his heart.

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