First date: where and in what?

First date: where and in what?
 The first date is the only opportunity to make the right impression for your adoration. Need to look at the first meeting irresistible. A selection of clothes and make-up for a meeting, in turn, must depend on the place where you are invited.

Dinner at a restaurant or cafe
Your image should be in a position and friendly. For this perfect airy dress to the knee or silk top with a fluffy skirt. If the shoulders and chest are too open, it is recommended to put on top of a soft knit cardigan. Accessories must be discreet, best gold and copper shades. Makeup can be more catchy than usual, but nevertheless need to be careful with the use of bright colors. Eyes move dark pencil or eyeliner, lipstick or lip gloss to highlight a little darker natural color.

For a hike to the exhibition or the museum is perfect vintage dress or long tunic with an original ornament with tight-fitting leggings. Do not wear very flashy jewelry, so as not to look like one of the exhibits.

Concert Club
There can be more open and bright. Perfect all brilliant: rhinestones, sequins, beads. Perfectly fit trousers or jeans with low waist and open blouse adorned with eye-catching elements. Bring a clutch on a long thin strap. If necessary, it can be hung on the shoulder to free your hands while dancing. Suitable bright make-up, but it should not be screaming.

Clothing should be simple and convenient. Excellent will look breeches or capri pants and a bright shirt that accentuates your figure. But the simplicity and convenience does not mean that you should not look feminine. Put elegant sandals. But do not forget to make a nice pedicure on the case, if you want to take off our shoes. Makeup should be a minimum. Will be sufficient to brown mascara and clear lip gloss.

Jeans, short jacket with three-quarter sleeves and a long T-shirt will look harmonious when going to the movies and suitable for any continuation of the evening. Studs and stylish accessories will complete your look. Let it be a large medallion on a chain of beads and bright round or bracelet. Your handbag does not have to be big, take a neat bag on a long strap or clutch.

Billiards, bowling and other games
Your clothes should not hamper movement, and is designed to emphasize your willingness to have fun and stay active. Skinny jeans, T-shirt and bright two-layer sneakers, hair, pick up in a ponytail, help you look vibrant.

But regardless of the venue visits, your appearance should help you to be confident in their abilities. If you find yourself in something you feel uncomfortable, it is better to abandon this element and replace it with a more conventional but no less appropriate to the situation.

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