Do I need a sexy woman? The truth about when, why and how

Do I need a sexy woman? The truth about when, why and how
 Some people believe that only men always want sex and can not be completely without them, while both women and sex is not needed at all. Those who came up with this theory, certainly were not women. Now authentically proved that sex for women is as important as it is for men.

A man wants sex all the time, and if he has long not, he wants sex even more. And since men and women having sex, usually together, it is logical to assume that the man is the initiator, and a woman only agree. In fact, this is nonsense. The woman just wants sex and can be very excited, just, unlike men, woman's sexual desire depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle and the concentration of various hormones in the blood. There are times when women's sex does not really want to, but that does not mean that sexual arousal is not inherent to it.

Women want sex as well as men. It affects the functioning of all organs and systems, elevates mood, improves blood circulation and revitalizes the body from the inside. And upon the occurrence of orgasm in the blood is thrown so many endorphins that can be dispensed with analgesic and antispasmodic agents. In addition, regular sex reduces weight, a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and trains the pelvic floor muscles, which has beneficial effects on their condition. So a woman who is sexually active is much healthier that practiced abstinence.

Now that the concerns of sexual desire. If a family is all right, it emerges as a man and a woman. This is normal sexual relations. If two people have a healthy sex - they are happy, and their relationships are harmonious and beautiful. It is through sexual contact man and a woman can pass each other their love and affection, but sex is able to bring together lovers especially strong and maintain their close attachment for a long time. Harmonious relationship without sex is simply not possible, because sex is necessary for both men and women.

There are various myths about female sexuality. Though it depends on the age, the amount of alcohol consumed and the phases of the moon. In fact, every person is different. Often women find themselves frigid only because there are partners, not suitable to them in temperament. If the pair in harmony, no problems with lack of desire or of its excessive never arise.

Sexual relations - an integral part of a woman's life. Only if a woman has sex, she may feel held and fully realized in life. After all, nothing is so feminine self-esteem increases as the desire in the eyes of men. Therefore, ladies, throw away all prejudices concerning sex and sexuality of the female half of humanity, and just be yourself. After all, a woman created by nature to give warmth and affection, so love their men and raduyte them day and night, because it is so natural.

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