When the older man

When the older man
 In a world no longer surprises anyone marry a young girl, and a man who could be older than two or three. In such situations, the part is very difficult to say that unites these people, binds and forces to fight for their happiness. Each pair has its own history. At the same time, psychologists can distinguish three types of men who fall in love with young girls.  

The first type of men called "ladies' man". This group includes those who have behind you can see the number of divorces, abandoned children, etc. Such men certainly rich past. This means that he knows how to deal with women who know all their wishes and requirements.

Lovelace has gone through several marriages, which means that each of the women tried to raise him. Perhaps this has led to a divorce. However, at least some lessons man should remember. For example, he or iron pans instead will give the woman he loves jewelry. Lovelace also remember the need to call home, if you need to stay on the job, had a taste of mood swings in women during menstruation and knows how to please your mate. They were all pluses.

Unfortunately, the cons too. In particular, it is an opportunity to compare your ability to cook, wash and clean that made his former wife. So, to keep Lovelace have to be not only a beautiful young woman, but also to combine all of these qualities.

The second type of men - "an old bachelor." In most cases, it is men 40-45 years old who have never been to the registry office. They were happy with their lives until they felt the approach of old age. Now they urgently need to find a woman who can become a homemaker. Most often, such a man is able to fully support his family. In this case, it will be a good father (he needed an heir) and her husband, because all quarrels and conflicts of youth have long endured.

Finally, men who meet the adage "gray in his beard, a lusty". This is probably the largest group of men who live for many years with the lawful wife and raise children. But midlife crisis pushes them into the arms of a young lover, who is trying to take away a loved one. The story is quite banal: a passionate affair, rare meeting, life on the two houses, the final withdrawal from family and ... nothing. In most cases, the union of a young woman and a mature man is a failure. He begins to think about his wife, and she just disappointed.

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