When sex headache ...

When sex headache ...
 Quite often the reason for refusal of sexual relations is the complaint of headache. Especially like to use this reason a woman. Many have long been seen in such complaints is only an attempt to mask out of love games. However, it appears that the headache can really stop, but not before and during sex.  

And this is reflected in the so-called orgasmic headaches. This phenomenon is fairly well understood by doctors. Its occurrence is associated with the period of highest excitation and can last as during orgasm, and after it. There are cases when the disease is associated with only one of these states, as well as two or all.

Tellingly, the more susceptible to its influence it is men - among the strong half of mankind orgasmic headaches occur three times more often than among the beautiful ladies.

Studies of this phenomenon have shown that headache during sex is not related to the physical parameters of the partners, with their age or overall health. On orgasmic headaches also does not affect your experience in sexual relations and the nature of the received item. Moreover - their appearance does not require the presence of a partner.

Have not been able to establish that the same leads to orgasmic headaches. Particularly difficult to study their irregular character, which is particularly noticeable when it comes to the female body. The fair sex, suffer from a rapid volley Nakata headache once far not necessarily face him next time. In men, the disease is expressed more clearly, however, reveal certain laws have not yet succeeded.

The basic assumption that needs to be checked, due to the influence of orgasm to the bloodstream. As you know, this state bodies respond increase blood flow. On the one hand, this is a positive effect of orgasm, as the rush of blood to organs receive necessary for the functioning of hormones. On the other - excessive vasodilation, and may likely to cause headaches.

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