What a woman needs in bed?

What a woman needs in bed?
 Once in bed with a woman, some men make mistakes, that the fair sex is strongly irritating. Men, not knowing what a woman needs in bed, can destroy even the strongest relationship. In the meantime, you need to make little effort to make your partner the happiest in the world.

The first woman in bed needed affection. Men often see their partner only object of sexual desire, through which you can also physically drained. Think about what a woman wants you to do the sea caresses, tenderness and love. Cover passionate kisses all over her body, and you will see how it will be revealed to you and answer a storm of emotions and caresses flow.

Remember that "a woman loves the ears." Do not hesitate to tell the lady compliments are not limited to "Zaikov" and "sun". Expand and Enrich your vocabulary - woman is sure to appreciate. Do not forget to call your partner's favorite, beautiful, gentle, passionate, sexual, and other similar adjectives. In the end, if you can not concentrate in such a crucial moment, think about the interjection "Oh! "" Wow, "" Oh-oh-oh !!! "Etc.

And yet, some women are embarrassed to say, but they are waiting in the bed of a man is not kind words, and choicest of expletives. Experiment maybe your partner fall into this category? However, do not overdo it, proceed cautiously, suddenly, she does not properly understand.

Woman in bed necessarily need a love game - a prelude. If a man is "ready", only presenting a naked woman or flipped open the magazine, the woman to be excited, it takes time. Remember that all women are excited in different ways and someone enough for 5 minutes, and someone half an hour is not enough. Some women are thrilled by male strippers, others - from porn, and others - from erotic massage, the fourth - from a story about self-esteem. The main thing is to find out what exactly is waiting for your partner.

Naturally, the woman needs an orgasm. And remember, it does not come by itself, it is necessary to work hard to reach the highest point of pleasure. Be honest with your partner, and she will direct you to the correct route, but you will just have to follow it.

Once your pleasure came to an end, do not try to turn away and go to sleep. Of course, this desire for men is explained simply - this is their nature. But now for the women in this moment it becomes clear your attitude towards it. Put more effort here is not necessary, enough a couple of kind words, gentle hugs and soft kisses.

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