That the girl should do at least once in sex

That the girl should do at least once in sex
 The main achievement in sex for every girl oddly enough is the orgasm. Striking is the fact that about 80% of girls under the age of 25 years have never experienced the peak of pleasure during sex. Thus, fully held in sex turns women on average 30-35 years. Sometimes this fact is very depressing doubters girls. However, if you do not reach orgasm during sex, but you can do it with self-satisfaction, you will not frigid. You just need to properly examine your body or completely trust your partner. Remember that in addition to vaginal and anal exist clitoral orgasms. And some women can achieve orgasm only after pregnancy.

The next step is to comprehend all the secrets of sex is the study of the most common poses. In order to be considered a sophisticated woman should learn in average about 10 poses. This will help you as erotic literature and qualitative porn. Do not forget to periodically move from theory to training. Select exactly the position from which you are experiencing maximum pleasure.

Be sure to possess the technique of reducing the vaginal muscles. Train periodically relaxing and reducing them can be anywhere: in the store at the time of harvesting or using public transport. Visit a sex shop, it is often possible to find sex toys that will help you in training. Do not be amiss to master any kind of relaxing massage. It will take pleasure in the only you but also your partner.

Oral and fast sex, mutual petting, masturbation in front of a partner will allow you to open up the other side. Arrange a sex marathon. Try not to get out of bed all weekend appease each other. This will be the most memorable days in your life.

Try to change the location for your sex games. Hug and kiss in parks, cinemas, public transport. Have sex not only in bed, but also on the table, windowsill, in a bathtub or in a car. Particularly desperate can try sex in an airplane, train, public toilet or a lift.

Use in your love games not only toys from a sex shop, but also a variety of goodies. Lay on your body or fruit Spread cream body of his partner.

Let yourself tie, feel their own weakness and helplessness. If you enjoy this game, the next time your man tie. Tie each other's eyes during sex and use only the tactile sensations.

Do not forget to constantly examine myself. Buy lewd underwear or arrange an erotic photo shoot.

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