Simultaneous orgasm: Myth or Reality?

Simultaneous orgasm: Myth or Reality?
 Simultaneous orgasm is sung in many psychological and philosophical writings. In movies sex scenes end synchronous moans partners. However, many couples simply can not achieve such coherence, which would lead to a simultaneous orgasm.  

For the most part, the duration of intercourse dependent on men than on women. Men are excited faster women, and therefore usually come to the finish line faster. The main objective of the pair in the pursuit of a simultaneous orgasm - to hasten the women's.

Foreplay is necessary for many women to get the full pleasure of sex. When long enough petting often man has time to reach orgasm, while the partner is just beginning to be excited. If you have a pair of just such a situation, try to slightly delay the onset of sexual intercourse.

Contrary to popular belief, not always positively affects the duration of copulation the female orgasm. Stop and deceleration may not apply to the excitation positive. But do not forget that the rate of sexual intercourse can influence not only men but also women. Listen to your feelings and movements help partners understand if you want to speed up or, on the contrary, slow down the process.

An important aspect in achieving simultaneous orgasm are especially female anatomy. The first feature - the presence of the front vaginal vault special sensitive area called "point G». Stimulation of this point increases the pleasurable sensations during intercourse. It is necessary to choose a position in which this point involved the most.

The second feature - the ability to control the muscles of the vagina. Try to work out at first for a few minutes a day, tense and relax muscles in the area. Try to pay attention to which muscles are involved stress. If we apply this skill during sex, increased contact with the walls of the vagina penis increase arousal.

If you set a goal to achieve simultaneous orgasm with a partner by any means, then you can wait a nasty trap: so you can focus on achieving orgasm, it will prevent you enjoy it. After all, during sex, it is important to be able to relax and follow the emotions, and not to think about which way is better to turn to stimulate some special zone. If you do not pretend to restrain displays of affection, over time your partner will understand that it gives you satisfaction. And, in the end, you will reach in sex harmony.

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