Orgasm for two. Together or in succession?

Orgasm for two. Together or in succession?
 Orgasm - the peak point sought by both partners engaging in sexual intercourse. There is much controversy over what an orgasm is considered the best partner when he catches up with both at the same time or one by one? Is to say that whatever the orgasm, the main thing that he did was the place to be in your sex life. Otherwise, it will not matter in what order he will follow.

It is believed that at the same time can achieve orgasm only a very harmonious couple whose relationship holds understanding and tact, calmness and harmony. It is extremely important to understand that in itself orgasm - this is not the essence of coming into intimate relationships, as well as the fact that we should not strive for orgasm, hold back or to rush yourself. Everything should happen by itself, that is, when sexual excitement is so great and I want to enjoy every moment of this magical intimacy, orgasm - this is a consequence, not a cause. It was at this point and it is that it catches both partners simultaneously.

Achieve simultaneous orgasm is possible, when you know the partner and trust him, you see his reaction, facial expressions, you feel his excitement. However, if you feel that it is about to happen, and your partner does not have time for you, you can politely say about it. At this point, you can either stay or move to a less intense caresses and frictions. Usually men are prone to rapid onset of ejaculation, consequently, orgasm. And in order to delay the moment of its occurrence, it is enough to change the posture. In this case, you can make love for a long time during which the partner can achieve multiple discharges.

Since each individual, both in terms of physiology and personal feelings, it is very important to have a psycho-emotional contact. In this case, questions regarding the order of orgasm will disappear by themselves. Yes, it does happen, the orgasm can overtake the partners take turns, and not always for each other. If one of the partners have already received their portion of enjoyment, you should have respect for your sweetheart and give her the opportunity to also reach its peak of pleasure. After taking a rest, you can continue, and it does not have to be sexual intercourse, replace it with oral sex, stroking, perhaps even should resort to sex toys. The main thing is to enjoy the proximity of this got both partners, and none was left abandoned by discomfort and dissatisfaction.

And another tip for last: talk with your partner about everything that touches your emotions from intimacy with him. Taita not hurt or disappointment. Perhaps the solution to the problem quite obvious, and joint work on the bugs can be a reason for another unforgettable orgasm for two.

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