Memories of a Man of his former - to listen or ignore

Memories of a Man of his former - to listen or ignore
 From time to time your man can wake up the desire to share their feelings, experiences and memories. Especially popular topic of getting past sexual relationships. It's one thing if this guy sets out the bare facts. And it is quite another if he manages to recall the most gentle and "naughty" moments of the past.

In such a situation it is very difficult to decide whether to listen carefully to such recognition, or better switch his attention to something else. In the first case, a woman suffering in the second - a man feels offended and slighted. Before you choose appliances Full "ignore" think about how you can use the memories of their former guy girls to their advantage.

Firstly, numerous stories from the past can tell you about the behavior of your men in certain situations, its weaknesses, desires, habits, and even vices. This will allow you to understand what is to do and say, but from what should be abandoned in any given situation. The only problem is that a woman can just get lost desire to build any relationship with this man.

However, if you are too jealous, and even the mere mention of another girl leads you into a rage, it is better as quickly as possible to interrupt memories guy. Try to do it gently, explain your feelings for him. Perhaps ignorance will save your relationship. In most cases, such revelations emerge at the time of the quarrel, when a woman is able to express emotions, all he thinks about his ex-girlfriends of men. This will only exacerbate an already difficult situation.

There are several ways to interrupt a man. You can tell us about your jealousy and ask a partner to interrupt his story. There is also a version in the style of "like me, and I am." Start just tell the man about his relationship. Most likely, he will stop unpleasant conversation.

In any case, you should calmly to the memoirs of a former girlfriend. Remember that with him right now is you, and he loves only you. And all the past is left behind, and it was a lot of different reasons. Most likely, the man simply does not attach importance to their story, want to share memories and to be closer to you.

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