Love: What men think about it

Love: What men think about it
 People are created for love, and men want to feel loved, no less than women. Some representatives of the stronger sex say they do not believe in the existence of this wonderful phenomenon. Others - tend to love and create beautiful works of this: remove the melodrama, write poems and paintings.
 Most men describe ideal love formula, the meaning of which is that a woman should take a lover as he is, with all its shortcomings. Do not attempt to alter, break down, subdue, and only admire and cherish.

The man is the guardian of the woman he loves their little cozy intimate microcosm. He assigns himself the role of protector and provider, but leaves the opportunity to be a little boy. In the beloved woman man looking for at least a piece of mothering. If he feels that his partner cope with this role, it means to him that it is possible to have children with this girl.

But all these thoughts come later, first man "loves" appearance pretender to his heart. He will not even try to see and solve the woman's soul, if she does not comply with its canons of beauty. At the word "love" in the first place in men appear okoloseksualnye physical images. Well, so it works!

Romantic young people believe in love at first sight, but again there is visualization, because the first part-time conversation no one mentions. Cynics and skeptics believe that this light feeling not found in nature, and there is the instinct of the male conqueror who pushes a man to impregnate as many females. But the longing in the eyes of the "Kazan" and "Don Juan" belies their belief.

Many men are afraid to love, to take responsibility for another person. They are hiding behind cynical phrase, demeans women. Such representatives of the stronger sex fear of unrequited love. They often choose the available women who almost never refused, and then concludes: "All the women - whores! »

Russian man often thinks about love with passion and aggression: love - kill. It says its Asian component, there is a lot of spontaneity and impulsiveness. But this man does not deny the existence of love and longs for her.

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