How not to be a third wheel

How not to be a third wheel
 Because of what the same people who have been married for many years, loving each other, having children suddenly feel cooling and loss of interest? What woman does not? How not to be a third wheel? These issues are quite relevant in today's society, where, unfortunately, there is a very large number of divorces.

Do not think that after the wedding, the man will be only yours, but for that you need not do anything. Do not relax, because it can quickly lose interest in you and become interested in another woman. This is because man by nature - the conqueror. Having you, he is fond of the other and taken to conquer it. Therefore, you should keep a kind of puzzle that will stimulate the interest of the spouse.

Of course, well, when the family trust, sincere attitude. But do not forget that her husband - this is not the friend that you can trust their women's issues. Not to disclose to him completely. Save your microcosm.

The main enemy of the marital relationship - is boredom. If your evenings are always the same scenario - you spend them exclusively at home watching television - is a romantic setting in a relationship with another woman, definitely make you forget it for a while about you.

Arrange a pleasant surprise each other. Try at least once a week to be alone, sending the children to the grandmother. Put on your best dress and arrange a candlelit dinner. Or go to the theater together, to the movies. Is not confined to the home and way of life.

If your loved one constantly sees you wearing a robe, untidy, it is unlikely it will be to warm up interest to you. Do not forget to take care of their appearance. Of course, just cooked dinner and cleanliness in the house - it's good. But manages to before the arrival of the man put himself in order.

Watch as her figure. As a rule, marrying a woman gaining extra pounds, explaining that the birth of children. Do not make excuses - better work out.

Do not listen to gossip regarding her husband. Reproaches and showdown will not contribute to the strengthening of the family. Daily scandals and tantrums bored anyone. Be tender and gentle, and you will never be third wheel.

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