How do you know that he is lying

How do you know that he is lying
 Learn that a loved one is cheating, is unlikely to want at least one woman. That is why his wife and beloved often turn a blind eye to some of the facts, continuing to believe the man. Understand lying or not, you can, by analyzing the behavior of men.
 Signs that a loved one is dishonest with you, you may notice, even without being a disciple of Paul Ekman, an American psychologist who studies issues of recognition lies. If a man is often lying on the little things, to change passwords on their pages in social networks, and talking on a mobile phone prefers the bathroom or kitchen - all these are signs that he is from you hiding something. Well, if in your intimate relationships appeared cold and caresses every day less - it is an alarm treason.

Understand that you are lying, you can appearance of man, his facial expressions, gestures, certain phrases and certain physiological symptoms. These signs must be considered together, since some of them may indicate stress or non-deception emotional experiences of men.

Physiological symptoms include sweating lying on his forehead and upper lip, dry mouth, which is why a man often drinks or licks her lips, nervous cough, stuttering. Pupillary constriction, difficult breathing, changes in complexion, tics, tremors, or voice, rapid blinking - these symptoms may also suggest that the beloved is not entirely honest. Carefully hidden from the lies and the excitement will give palpitations, which significantly by pulsation of vessels in the neck and temples. In addition, a woman who knows well her man, be sure to notice the change in timbre and tone of his voice, indicating the voltage and insincerity.

Analyze the gestures and facial expressions of men. Lying about the person usually bustling and makes a lot of stupid movements: picking at clothes, removes invisible speck of dust, straightens hair, scratches himself, rubbing his hands, touches various parts of the face, can not sit still. He seeks to hide, to put a barrier between you, for example, to sit on the other side of the table, closed briefcase, etc.

Vruschy man often looks anywhere but not in your eyes. But particularly advanced instance, knowing that avoid direct view can be interpreted as a lie, will behave differently. He will try to look into your eyes all the time, although an ordinary conversation periodically man looks away. About insincerity can also speak mismatch of words, facial expressions and gestures. The most obvious example - negative winding head with a positive response.

Speech constructing a liar designed to prove his honesty - he often swears and swears that tells the truth. From the very unpleasant man can go, saying he did not remember, did not speak and does not want to discuss it. Sometimes a liar to avoid conversation, can provoke a quarrel. Then he will say dismissive or aggressive tone: "I do not have to answer," "I do not understand what it was about," etc.

Realizing that favorite deceiving you, you will be forced to make a difficult decision and the answer to the question: whether to maintain a relationship with a liar? It depends on many factors. Ideally, the union of two loving people should be based on trust. But can you trust someone who cheated once you have? On the other hand - is sure to break off relations, if it is only a single episode? Up to you.

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