Sex against love: truth or prejudice?

Sex against love: truth or prejudice?
 In today's world the concept of "love" and "sex" somehow separated. Do not know where it led, but sex on the first date is considered a bad start for a serious relationship. It is necessary to better understand these biases.  

The most common opinion is that on the first date sex involved only able women who sell their bodies for money. In fact, it is not. Psychologists have shown that almost every woman having over their shoulders sexual experience, ready to give to the man on the first date. There is one "but" - not every guy can create the necessary atmosphere. Moreover, keeping in mind the attitude of men to such girls, women simply can not relax. Think about a holiday romance, when the girls are not threatened with condemnation and the emergence of rumors. Is a surprisingly romantic stories.

In addition, many women say that they can not go to bed with the unfamiliar man. Here, everything is also limited by prejudice. The fact is that after 5 minutes of dialogue woman with confidence can tell she wants this man or not. Nobody speaks about love now.

But most attention should be paid to the following prejudice: a serious relationship after sex on a first date can not be. But if you think about it a couple can disperse and when intimate relations came after a week or two after they met. Conversely, you can meet people, whose family life started from nothing meaningful sex.

Because of the above prejudices most girls still piously believe that sex without love can not be, and thus they miss a lot of opportunities to start really strong and happy relationship. But love without sex, alas, found not so easy.

All this is very individual, depending on circumstances, human characters and their purposes. So do not evaluate all one way. Give the man a chance. Perhaps this is the one you've been looking for your whole life.

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