Differences between love and love

Differences between love and love
 Many couples complain that there is no former love between them, and when the relationship is just beginning - how bright, passionate feelings were! But there was love? Or take for her love?
 If you feed a man passionate feelings, despite its shortcomings, if idealize adored object of his worship - love it. Can be attributed to this feeling and first love, if it came at an early age, when there is more behind the baggage of life and experience.

Love can be a very strong sense, it is a passion, an explosion of emotions, feelings fireworks, you are beyond the arguments of reason, go on about the emotions. We can say that this feeling - a chain of chemical reactions, physical attraction, but not love. While love can become a starting point from which to begin a long, difficult road to true love.

Unlike love, love rarely erupts at first sight. It is not a blind, reckless. Deep sincere affection - that's the most common form of love. A similar affection from scratch does not arise, for it takes time, knowledge of nature, a loved one, the properties of his personality, weaknesses and strengths, their objective evaluation.

Love is quick and superficial, sooner or later it goes, love is only growing stronger over the years, even if it is purely platonic. In a lot of love impulsiveness, impulsivity, and love - a sense of stability, calm, constant.

If the person you like in appearance, it is not enough for the emergence of love. It is important to respect his complex inner world, taking with all his needs, weirdo features. Love can reach, carefully cultivating relationships, chemical processes and physical attraction has nothing to do with it.

By itself, love is not able to come, so that it originated, you put a lot of effort, time, victims, mental labor. This is a difficult path, but those who pass it - to know true love worth living.

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