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 Orgasm - is the culmination of sexual relations. It was for such completion lovemaking tends almost everyone. And if men often reach a peak of pleasure, women are not always able to get a full sexual discharge, and some may not feel it at all. Different people have an orgasm has its own characteristics and nuances. Even one person every time it differs.

Orgasm gives not only pleasure and emotional discharge, but it is useful for the whole organism. During this process, produce substances that have a calming and relaxing effect. Sex and orgasm is an excellent tool when dealing with stress. In addition, some people say that reduces pain in the lower back, back, reduces headaches. So the eternal female cop that headache, and so it can not have sex, it does not baseless.

Male and female orgasms are very different from each other. If a man is able to experience the full sexual satisfaction with the onset of sexual activity, then only 15% of girls can reach the peak of pleasure. But with age, the number of women can have orgasms increases.

The ability of women to obtain sexual satisfaction is dependent on many factors. Firstly, getting pleasure is very closely linked to the feelings and emotions of women. If she loves her partner, and the likelihood that sex will lead to orgasm higher than if there are no strong emotions. Although it is worth noting that making love to the woman he loved, the man also experiences more satisfying, because there is a connection, not only the physical, but also on a spiritual level.

Second, women often to get the full pleasure of sex, need more time to it. For many more important prelude. For men, that they experienced an orgasm, it is enough to caress their sexual organ. Women are just as important to their partner paid attention to the whole body. And some need to pre-trial tenderness and affection was quite long.

Another difference between male and female orgasm is the duration. On average, men this process takes 3 to 5 seconds, women - 8 - 10 seconds. But in fact, and in another case, an orgasm is accompanied by intense muscle contraction genitals, and men still happening and ejaculation. Although it happens that the peak of pleasure is not accompanied by ejaculation. This is typical for boys who have not reached puberty, as well as in certain diseases male reproductive system.

Women can have multiorgazm. This occurs when several sexual discharges follow one another at intervals of a few seconds or minutes. And after intercourse a woman is experiencing a surge of strength, so it is immediately able to have sex. Men need some time to recover strength and energy. This need some 10 minutes, another hour, the third even longer.

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