9 ways to treat love

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 Suffer from unrequited love - a thankless task. The object of your sighs will cool your hot confessions, it will not touch any gifts or gentle message. How can stop suffering from love and begin to live?

1. Find a distracting activity. Instead of constantly bring back passion, go for something less traumatic. To begin suitable, for example, a simple computer game. Girls perfectly distracting needlework. The main thing in the first stage - not to rub salt in the wound itself.

2. Communicate with nature. You now and then pulls the phone to send another message to tender to the person who does not deserve this? Leave the phone alone and go for a walk, where you will not have any mobile devices. Tell yourself that just took a break.

3. Conduct business requires more hassle. You've always wanted to do repairs in the apartment? Do not delay, go for building materials to the nearest store. Going to buy a car? Proceed to search suitable option today.

4. Work out. Critically evaluate yourself, schedule a plan of action. For example, to lose weight will help regular jogging. Defined muscles in the gym.

5. Embark on a journey. New experience will blow you away entirely, time and effort to love longing simply will not.

6. Learn basic yoga. This activity not only tones the body, and tidies the nervous system.

7. Use the methods of psychological defense. Tell yourself that the world did not collapse because of what someone said to you in return.

8. Read romance with a happy ending. A bit naive, these works inspire optimism and faith in the best. For the treatment of wounded soul fit and serious literature.

9. Meet new people. If you are a person by nature amorous, probably soon find someone who will respond to you in return, without testing your romantic nature. And unrequited love will be only a memory.

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