6 Reasons unsuccessful love

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 Courtship - this is the most pleasant time for lovers. The relationship has not marred by a joint way of life. But it so happens that it was during the period of candy buketny one partner feels cooling feelings. There are several reasons why feelings went into decline. In certain situations, the relationship has no future, and love is fleeting.  

1. You bring the effect of anesthesia

Short-lived relationship with a partner who recently broke up with someone you love. Your relationship with him he needed only to numb the pain of loss, to forget his love.

In these novels, there is no future, because this man has not yet been able to fall in love with you, he has not parted with their past. And no matter how beautiful his advances, see you in a domestic environment, it will cool off to you.

2. Have you seen him in a moment of weakness

Your partner has recently suffered a separation from a loved one. You know about it, maintain it, to comfort and do everything that he felt better. Your task is very noble. But your partner forgets his old love, comes to life and yet goes on you.

No, he is not selfish. Just a minute you saw his weakness when he was not in good shape. Did you see his tears, his pain. Now the role of "victim" of his burden. He does not want to think about my weakness, but you know all about it. Few were able to continue the relationship after that. So he goes.

3. Too rapid expression of feelings

When reciprocity was achieved quickly and easily, it's a little cool feeling. But even more powerful cooling factor is too rapid outpouring. Your loved one expected you to reciprocity, but not on such a frightening scale.

Hundreds of love sms, frequent and rapid manifestation of joy, tears of happiness can scare even a very quiet man. In his mind might think that you adore fictional images that match very difficult.

4. hunter instinct is satisfied

If your partner is by nature a hunter, then as soon as he feels that you are in his network, he will grow cold to you and leave you. The pleasure he gives "the pursuit of their prey." You'll be interesting to him, but if you become elude him.

5. There was too strong passions

It so happens that during the first meeting, both partners were in a good mood. Both were interesting and showed itself at its best. Young people feel the love.

But you can not always be in a good mood, always be interesting and sparkling conversationalist. And the next date in comparison with the first meeting will seem dull and uninteresting. Love ends.

6. Roman occurred on vacation

During the holidays, corporate party or traveling people feel relaxed, I want romance. Therefore, in these cases often occur novels.

But these love relationships in everyday life come to an end quickly, because there is no one carefree ease holiday mood, the unique flair of those relations.

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