5 sex awkward situations: how to find a way out

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 As a rule, before the first having sex with a new partner, most women experience the excitement, sensing the proximity of the future as a kind of test. The realization that man is in the same situation, comforting, but not completely. Most ladies are afraid of any embarrassment in bed. Because of this fear of the fair sex constantly ask different questions: "How should I behave? "" What are worth talking about? "And" What is better to remain silent? »

1. Short Prelude

Until now, there are many men who do not know how important for women sexual foreplay. Typically, the ladies need about 20 minutes to achieve the desired level of arousal. If a partner in a hurry to go directly to sexual intercourse, the woman should playfully show him that she wants foreplay. Just look it should not as a failure in the vicinity, as well as a desire to extend the mutual pleasure. It is worth bearing in mind that in some situations (eg, intimacy in an unusual place) burning passion and sexual pressure caused more excitement than leisurely caress.

2. A small penis

Penis size is an issue that requires special delicacy. When a penis value was more than any expectations, you can make a man a couple of spicy compliments. If manhood partner differs modest size, do not dwell on this. Man and so is likely to have on this subject complex. A woman in this situation it is important to choose the right position at which the member will penetrate into it as deeply as possible. By the way interest is the fact that many small penis owners attempt to compensate for the physiological characteristics of skilled caresses.

3. Lack of orgasm

It so happens that both partners enjoyed the sex, but the woman was unable to reach the highest pleasure. Simulate an orgasm in this case it is not necessary. But the man said that in bed all liked it, definitely need. In general, the female orgasm more capricious than the male. So it is likely the next proximity to get it will be easier. But if the problem can not be solved with time, will only apply to a sexologist.

4. Premature Ejaculation

If a man is "finished" too quickly, the woman does not necessarily offended and demonstrate dissatisfaction. It is better to offer him more time to have sex after 20-30 minutes. Repeated sexual intercourse usually lasts longer. When the partner is not ready for another close, the lady can ask playfully bring her to orgasm via oral sex, or stimulation of the fingers.

5. Problems with potency

Lack of erection may be due to different reasons in detail to find out that at the moment "misfires" absolutely unnecessary. Dame to try to smooth over the situation. You can, for example, help a man excited by oral sex. If, despite the efforts of partner erection still has not come, do not take it as a tragedy. A woman should choose friendly tone with a bit of healthy humor. You can, for example, to cheer the man with the phrase: "We have plenty of time to get used to each other."

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