What not to say men never

What not to say men never
 You are a lovely couple. You love each other. You have a trusting relationship - there are no secrets and innuendo, but there are things that under no pretext can not speak to men.

As much in love, you think that you have each other there should be no secrets that honesty - is the key to any healthy relationship, but sometimes it is better to be silent than to speak. What not to say men never, even in jest:

1. he has a bad mother. Mother - is sacred. This woman is brought up and educated. Criticize her he can, but not you. Better tactfully silent. Responding unflattering about his mother, not only can you quarrel, but also put an end to further relations.

2. go into details of past relationships. This also applies to changes. Even if you have a night of revelations, never, even under pain of torture, do not tell him about my ex. In his eyes, appears a shadow of suspicion, may begin even total surveillance.

3. focus on what you earn more of it. After the men with the women the same rights, women began to occupy leadership positions in organizations. It is understandable - they are more diligent and attentive, confidently go to the target. But this does not mean that it should be every time reproach in his small salary. You do not love him for the money.

4. boast of his best friend, man. Success stories and your friend's excitement about his prestigious job, and stunning looks, can sow the seed of doubt in the soul of your chosen one.

5. make fun of his appearance. Yes, let you have it awkward, imperfect, but it is yours. Interested in their appearance, men want to hear kind words and a nice compliment, rather than a sober look at the situation. You are not forced to deceive him, just some of the facts and you can hide. Do not say, and do. If you do not satisfied with something in his appearance, then work on it: Give a subscription to the pool, nice shirt or write to professional hairdressers.

6. Do not doubt his abilities. Even if he decides to conquer Kilimanjaro or fly into intergalactic journey - believe in him. Over time, he will realize that it is pointless and will appreciate your support.

7. Do not threaten rupture. Never, even in the heat of the hottest quarrel, do not shout that curse the day you met. As soon as the window of opportunity will stand out, you left him. If you did not think it still has a male ego, and at one point, he will think: why live with a woman who did not respect. So choose the words in quarrels and scandals, control his speech.

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