So he called back after the first date

So he called back after the first date
 The first date is always exciting, disturbing, but very expected. Before it is not only women worry about their appearance: clothes, manicure, haircut, but also men. Everybody wants to look so that you can seem like a better, more interesting, more attractive. Even if the result is disappointing, and a date will be the last.

Women's thinking a brighter, superficial, emotional than men, therefore, on the first date she would try to look your best, show all their external advantages: figure, hands, feet. This is really an important factor - note new friend, leave in his memory bright trace of beauty or attractiveness easy trail. There should be no "but" negates everything else: and look, and smell, and color, and taste.

But we must not forget about other attractions, as if to avoid unforgivable faux pas during a conversation. Remember some number of "no": you can not complain about my life, to gossip about friends and girlfriends, neighbors on the table to discuss, ask questions of the other party of the former spouses, children, if he does not want to open immediately ask the forehead on the course of future relations, scold their former loved ones and relatives, just too much to talk about his past life. Talk about a pleasant topic for both of you, know how to listen, not just to chat. Be at ease, but please, try to find common interests and common ground.

Put yourself immediately for all points on the "i", which has been assigned this meeting that may follow her what do you want from it. Rerun time to come, and imagine how you will feel it in the future with this man. Whether it is necessary to continue to communicate.

Even if the person turned out to be a man dreams, it is not necessary to agree immediately to a close intimate relationship after the first dinner together or change their position in life, views. Pull the time, come up with a number of good excuses. Fall in love with a man who wait. And if his intentions are serious, even more so.

The first meeting should be light, promising, relaxed and did not seem complete to its logical conclusion. Then the man-hunter, of course, if he had found in the interlocutor some mystery, a puzzle, be sure to call back, even if not the next day.

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