Serious relationship - a relic of the past?

Serious relationship - a relic of the past?
 Many young people today argue that a serious relationship - a relic of the past. Because now so fashionable to be free, liberated, easily related to life. What is the "wind in my head," which will disappear with time, or, indeed, such a thing as "strong family", "permanence", "true love" - ​​now just empty words?

Once upon a time the divorce was not accepted by society. Was considered shameful even a hint of parting couples, which has already demonstrated its close relationship to others. As time passed, attitudes have changed. Now people come together and rasskhodyatsya, get married and divorced - like become so in the order of things, and that no special emotions expressed. Just stop loving heart poperezhivat slightly hurt and resumed his search for new attachments.

Does this mean that a serious relationship - a relic of the past, which has nothing to do with modernity? Simple answer to this question is difficult. The fact that the reason for creating a pair become different. Now young people are introduced to the girls not in order to get married. And the fair sex are not in a hurry to get married. They were able to communicate freely, to enjoy each other's company without fear of "skew" views and recriminations. This is certainly a positive thing. But it does not mean that everything is so positive.

The bad news is that the values ​​began to change. For example, to meet with several girls, cheat each of them, saying that she was the only - ordinary situation, which, though appalled, but is not considered terrible.

Even people "from the past", those who brought up in other traditions, "lose their heads", looking at the changes of all the principles. Previously, a man aged just afraid to leave her family: he would not understand any friends or relatives. But in the world of the new generation, everything is possible. So he could leave his wife and children to the young mistress. If his act and will discuss it quietly, "behind".

Here are just a view of life and the modern fashion sense can not win. When the two halves, they realize that they want to be together forever, they can overcome all obstacles, so as not to leave. Perhaps that is why, a serious relationship will exist as long as men and women are able to love and trust your heart.

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