Reasons for casual sex and attitude

Reasons for casual sex and attitude
 Spontaneous, not planned in advance sex or casual sex has long ceased to be an event, disturbing champions of morality. Good or bad, but the attitude to the intimate side of life for the vast majority of people it is much more relaxed than a few generations ago. And as for men, to which public opinion, and laws have always been treated more leniently, and women. What seemed unthinkable, obscene at the time of his youth and grandparents, now perceived as quite normal behavior.

What are the causes of casual sex? That pushes each other's embrace unfamiliar, if not strangers? Moreover, both free and married, besides having a reputation as a faithful husband or faithful wife?

Sometimes it can be a desire to diversify the dull, too orderly, routine life. Get bright, unexpected impression, first of all - by the very fact of chance, especially - betrayal, and even in unfamiliar surroundings. By the way, this explains casual sex in the resorts, and even in a train compartment. This is akin to "companion syndrome" - when a complete stranger, who first met you, and soon forever disappear from your life, open soul, tell this is not always tell even the closest people.

It happens that casual sex is the result of desire for revenge, especially by women. Once isstari happened that the most terrible and painful revenge fair sex considers it treason. Since the logic of waiting offended if the real or imaginary grievances ladies - a futile exercise, in such cases it is not guided by reason and emotion. And in most cases, after casual sex feels a sense of guilt and frustration.

And, of course, last but not the cause of alcohol plays! Alcohol taken even in a very moderate dose, "disinhibited" removes restrictions, a stimulant effect. Especially women, who, for a variety of reasons for such action requires much less alcohol than men. If at this point the next will be the right partner - for casual sex will not be found.

Although now the society is quite condescending to such behavior, yet we must remember that man does not live solely by instinct. People who are married, you should carefully think about, whether their family will stand if treason finds a husband or wife. And in any case, keep in mind the precautions! So that casual sex is not turned unpleasant treatment, and if not - HIV diagnosis.

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