Men who are afraid of sex ...

Men who are afraid of sex ...
 Throughout human history, the relationship between the sexes causes a lot of emotional experiences and women, and men. Much of the fear comes, of course, for an intimate relationship. As you know, many women tend to postpone the moment of the first intimacy. The main reason to fear that the man she will use and then throw. But not only women tend to avoid sex. It turns out that some men are afraid of sex, no less, but for a different reason.

In today's society is very prevalent stereotype that every man dreams as soon as possible to have sex with a new girlfriend. But in fact, absolutely any representative of the stronger sex before having sex with a new partner is afraid to fail in bed.

All men in sex at least once, but the case of events known as "flash in the pan." Mature men usually fall into this situation because of age, and boys - as a result of the unrest. The reason for failure may also be covered in a strong physical fatigue, alcohol intoxication, negative emotional experiences and even excessive sexual arousal.

If the reaction of women to men's failure was negative, for example, accompanied by ridicule or insult a man can begin to experience the fear of sex. The fear is compounded if a similar situation is repeated with several sexual partners. In the worst case can even come impotence. As a result, a man withdraws into himself, and even refuses to communicate with women. Over time, sexual frustration men could turn into aggression against all others.

As reasons for this impotence only psychological disorder should be treated good psychoanalyst. Various preparations for stimulating an erection in this case will be ineffective.

Unfortunately, many men tend to blame the problem only themselves, so they do not seek professional help. Some of them find a solution in use before sexual intimacy alcohol. However, this measure can help to relax only in the beginning, then alcohol aggravate the problem, but even at the physiological level.

Sometimes debunk male fear of disgrace in bed helps meeting with the sensitive and understanding woman who revives a man confidence. But in reality, the probability of such a meeting is not too large.

How does a woman need to behave in bed, the man was confident in his abilities and acquired harmful complexes? Firstly, we should not hide the pleasure that you deliver his caresses. Second, do not behave passively, to take the initiative to translate into reality your sexual fantasies. Third, if the "flash in the pan" yet occurred, take the situation delicately. Support your favorite, tell him that he is the best. Do not let doubt creep in impotency his soul.

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