Jealousy destroys

Jealousy destroys
 Jealousy is inseparable from love, it is its natural companion. In small, moderate limits it is quite tolerable and even useful. Jealousy makes a person cherish loving relationships, treated with care and attention to the object of his passion. Figuratively speaking, jealousy plays a role of taste seasonings, spices, giving a special, spicy flavor of the dish. If you overdo it with the spices, the best dish will be inedible. Similarly, jealousy: clicking margins, it destroys love.
 Can we speak about love, if the relationship between man and woman more and more like an interrogation, where the investigator is trying to catch the suspect? It is worth to stay for a few minutes, did not immediately respond to a call or message, somehow ambiguous answer or watch, just in the imagination jealous immediately arise heartbreaking scenes of betrayal. And it begins a long, meticulous asking: Where was what he was doing, as it is possible to confirm whether there are witnesses. Along the way - accusations, threats, violent scenes. Well, if you do not reach to battering. The lives of two people turns into a nightmare. Whether for love here? After all, love is unthinkable without the trust and confidence of what in such a sad situation, can we talk?

Jealous justify their behavior in that crazy, boundless love, and the idea that it can deceive, it is unbearable. And he was right, really loves madly. Because this behavior is already teetering on the brink of insanity. A man with an obsessive, excessive jealousy, can not be considered completely normal in the conventional sense of the word. This is not love - is keen to extremes selfish possessiveness. Very often it is based on an inferiority complex, whose roots lie in childhood. Classic representative of such jealous - underling Karandyshev, the hero of the play "Bride" Ostrovsky, who, shouting: "Do not get you to anybody! "Shot his frustrated bride Larissa.

Such jealous'm not sure any of the abilities nor its attractiveness to the opposite sex. He experiences a painful subconscious fear that stopped liking him leave, and he would never find a mate. That is why jealous stranglehold seizes the object of his passion. Sometimes he realizes that behaves stupidly, unworthy, that causes suffering of a loved one, but can not curb her jealousy. As a result, sooner or later, love remain some sad memories.

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