How to tell him her feelings

How to tell him her feelings
 Do you like a guy who does not pay any attention to you completely. You weigh the "pros" and "cons", and decided that your only chance - to tell him her feelings.
 Though you are no relations, it is hardly worth communicate about anything unsuspecting person about his heart sympathy for him. The very fact that your love is not a guarantee that a guy would marry you. In addition, it can scare him, as will the illusion of responsibility for other people's feelings. Try to take a sober look at the situation in order to not make a mistake.

So, if you are completely in love with him, the best solution is just not to show it. Remember that in nature every man - a hunter. He longs to chase prey, he wants to achieve and conquer, so do not rush with the recognition. In a pinch, you can pour out his heart close friend or mother, but not to those who would have you win.

Your mission - to become a desirable target for her lover, the one game that he wants to be caught in a snare. Try inadvertently to attract his attention, but does not show its willingness to immediately fall into his arms, even if in fact only about this and dream. Learn how to control the senses, so as not to spoil the triumph.

To begin to believe that you are worthy of his love. You are made to for you to look beautiful, gave gifts, dreams come true. You - a representative of the fair sex, that someone will want to make happy. Why did not he? To get used to the idea that your happiness with him is quite possible, try to imagine his thoughts. Try to consider all the details of your future relationship with him: how he will embrace you, look in the eyes, to pay compliments, kissing at night.

Meanwhile, apparently let him act first. Can smile, throw it looks mysterious, carelessly clap eyelashes, touch his hand in the conversation, but the first step entrust him. And remember, you were born to be happy.

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