How to stop jealous of his ex-wife

How to stop jealous of his ex-wife
 Do not share with anyone his partner - a perfectly normal desire. However silly jealous man to his past - his ex-wife and children. To some, this is not possible, so it is important to understand how to stop jealous of his ex-wife.
 Unfortunately, the realities of the modern world is quite cruel. Increasing rate of divorce and single-parent families. In such a situation it is necessary to take into account the opinion of psychologists that most couples break up because of the fact that they lose the thread of understanding.

First you need to understand what you liked and took a man is the way he is. But he is not alone, he has his own inner world and cover a past life. Before you decide to live together, you're already aware of the fact that the man behind marriage, children. Therefore, it is necessary to take it into account, because it can not be undone.

Imagine yourself in the place of her husband. In the past, he has remained married children. Is not it normal if a man wants to continue to see them, to maintain a relationship. Wife he became a stranger, but for children it is still my father. Man must decide how much time he will spend with the children. If you limit it, you run the risk of losing a loved one. The more freedom you throw at it, the more it will appreciate you.

You have to accept that the ex-wife will now call your husband and children to discuss problems or to ask for help. Treat this loyal, understanding. Think, too, you would not want to father your children not involved in their lives after divorce. Understand that it's only for your husband deserves nothing but respect.

If you have a child, do not put it higher than children from a previous marriage. On the contrary, you should try to establish contact with them. However, it should be done only when the ex-wife of your spouse will not mind. But her husband in any case should not be limited in dealing with his child from his first marriage.

Finally, throw out of my head the thought of his ex-wife and engage them. If a man has chosen you, so please match it by 100%. Become better for him in everything. Self-improvement is also not leave you much time for introspection.

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