How to Stay Friends

How to Stay Friends
 End of serious long-term relationship, no matter what reasons caused, always sufficiently unpleasant and uncomfortable situation. But you can try to resolve it with the least losses for both partners, but if you want - even to remain friends.
 If you feel that the relationship has ended, it is not necessary to delay the moment of parting, it is better to dot the i. In this case, the principle of "sooner rather than later" works 100 percent.

If the ex-boyfriend of roads and interesting to you as a person, and you want to and after the formal separation continue to communicate as friends, is very delicate approach to this issue. No need to start the conversation with the charges, it is better to honestly admit that led you to such a decision. Also, do not lie or keep silent - tell partner come clean, so as not to offend.

For the same reason you should not break off relations in public. After watching the melodramatic films, some girls choose a way to end the novel bored. But involuntary audience of your scene will either feel sorry for the young man or maliciously to giggle. This situation will force him feel a laughing stock in the eyes of others, and in the future you will be bound only bad memories.

If you want to stay friends, do not rush into the maelstrom of a new relationship, do not give your parting official status. If it is absolutely unbearable, try not to show up with a new partner in the circle of your mutual friends and advertise your connection as long as you do not negotiate with his former lover. In general, you should try to do everything you can to not in any way not to offend or hurt your partner, try to smooth away the rough edges. So you have to give up to you in the future was not ashamed of themselves, so that when a chance encounter you could go without any tension to each other and just say hello, ask how things were going.

In fact, very few people who immediately after parting manages to stay in the warm and friendly relations. As a rule, those couples who both have come to realize that their relationship is exhausted themselves, and do not make each other any claims. Other cases may require a lot of time. Psychologists claim that if the severance of relations concerned only one person, the other partner will need at least six months after the end of the novel, in order to be able to calm down and move on to another stage of the relationship.

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