How to return to his interest

How to return to his interest
 Time goes by and bustle of everyday life and the weight of various problems, you begin to notice that they no longer causes the beloved of the emotions and the interest that had been before. Jobs, newspaper, computer, or group of friends - that this list was his alternative to hanging out with you?
 Think about why this is happening. Surely, the answer will come soon enough. In candy buketny period, all so fresh, romantic. Man and woman are still a mystery to each other, which is so nice to gradually guess.

But now the time has passed, all the mysteries unraveled in a relationship with a partner everything becomes boring and predictable. You know what he'll do in the next minute, studied all his habits and interests. Do not think about you he does not feel the same. So, the conclusion follows: interest-quenched because people are becoming too predictable, familiar with each other.

And then you should try with a sensible approach to break this habitual daily. Do not be afraid (or lazy) to do surprises, get back to surprise her chosen. This can be anything you want, what you can afford: a romantic trip to Venice, or an intimate evening at home by the fireplace, beautiful lingerie for you or as a gift for him, etc. Better, of course, if all of this from time to time will alternate, without giving life completely absorb you.

Look at yourself in the mirror. How do you look when you're at home? After all, your man is likely most of the time only you and sees this. So, what you are wearing - or home robe costume, consisting of a stretched pants and shapeless t-shirts? Do facial makeup, whether stacked somehow hair? Of course, wash or cook soup in the evening dress as stupid as to walk in a miniskirt on a picnic, but still worth an eye on your home look and try to keep it on the level.

Stand on the scales. Is not it time you engage in fitness or even a home charging? Extra pounds nobody decorate, and that would not tell you comforting your man, eyeing it will be slender and long-legged. If nature does not grant you long legs - do not worry, put in order what is. At the same time physical activity watch your diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, less sweet, flour and fat, not to mention the salty, fried and smoked. All this - the enemies of your beauty, as well as alcohol and nicotine, do not let them into your body.

Answer the question: do you have any personal interests in addition to household duties and boring work? Maybe you are fond of any kind of art or architecture style, collect photos and articles, drive to interesting exhibitions and museums? Or perhaps your hobby is landscape design and you arrange a rock garden in his cozy courtyard? Men like interesting women, those who can tell something new, not just once again lamented the fact that the milk again escaped and neighbor beat her husband with a frying pan.

The general conclusion: Be confident, love yourself, find time for self-care, self-development - intellectual, physical and spiritual. Just a little stay for a man mystery, do not make a "best friend", everything is good in moderation. And most importantly, do not be lazy! You can always refer to the employment of children who require a lot of time, apathy and fatigue. But one life and she goes, it depends on you how you will live a new day - boring and dull or fun, interesting and with a gleam in his eyes. If you choose the second - your man will never lose interest in you!

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