How to make a man appreciate you

How to make a man appreciate you
 In a relationship may come a time when a woman feels that a man accustomed to it and stopped to appreciate the way it was before. It is important to understand that the situation can not be solved screaming and ultimatums. We need to act carefully and thoughtfully.
 To the man began to appreciate you, you need the right way to treat yourself. After all, if you remove all your needs and desires on the back burner, a man accustomed to the fact that you are willing to sacrifice everything for his sake, and will take it for granted. Therefore, change the attitude. Ask a man to perform some things that you originally planned to do yourself, and spend free time for their own needs.

You can make it a rule to attach to a man doing housework or cooking, especially if both of you are working, which means that both exhausted back home. Let him know that his help will be appreciated and that he personally beneficial and help you save your strength, which you can then spend on something to pay attention to him.

Remember that you are a woman, and thus in need of help and support. My husband and I share their feelings, but not in order to hurt him, and show that you really need his support and assurances of love. If a man feels it necessary, he did a lot for you and your well-being.

Sometimes does not hurt to make her husband jealous of you, but only if it is not painfully reacts to it, otherwise you can permanently damage the relationship. Let yourself sometimes not answer his calls or hastily cut short the conversation, not to explain who the caller was. Take compliments from other men, emphasizing its importance in the eyes of her husband.

Allow yourself to play with her husband, but within reason. For example, you can flirt with him and flirt in public that he became interested in you and was set to privacy. But sometimes change tactics and show indifference - let him including initiatives. This approach returns the interest of men to you.

It is also important to know how to accept compliments. If a man gave his approval and admiration for your appearance, it is not necessary to refute his words and express their distrust of him. Such actions repulse your men wish to tell you nice things. On the contrary, notes that his opinion is important to you, and encourage to speak their mind in the future.

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