How to get to fall in love again

How to get to fall in love again
 Even the most ardent feelings may eventually cool. After living together for many years, the couple begin to see each other as something familiar and everyday. Most often because of an exclusion affects women. To make her husband fall in love again, try to spice up your relationship.
 Remember the days when your love was in its infancy - how you looked and talked about where to go and what interested. Compare yourself today with that woman. Surely you have changed noticeably. Go back to that time, my husband surprised hairstyles, makeup or dress worn by then. Not everyone knows, but the best thing people remember smells. Buy your favorite perfume nee, and let your spouse with a head plunge into the wonderful memories.

Men by nature conquerors and your husband is no exception. Pay more attention to their appearance, studying dance or fitness, visit exhibitions and theater, learn a foreign language or get a second degree - do everything to remain interesting and attractive for your "hunter".

Unfortunately, years of marriage often do spouses indifferent - you think you know everything about her husband, and he has become a different person. Do not allow this - listen to her man and try to understand it. You should not only be his mistress, but a friend. In this case, it will rush home to share their news, and not to lock in the company of a television or computer.

Arrange your spouse pleasant surprises. Ideas can be borrowed from feature films or romantic novels. Of course, keep in mind and its taste. If your husband is modest, it is unlikely to enjoy your visit to his work in a cloak over his naked body, and someone such a surprise might seem very appealing.

The fact that the way to a man's heart is through an organ of digestion, known, perhaps, everything. Cook her husband his favorite dishes and do not forget to add natural aphrodisiacs - seafood, eggs, nuts, honey, mushrooms, ginger, celery and strawberries. Night after this dinner will be wonderful!

Become an expert love relationships. It is in bed, you can demonstrate your feelings and wife make love with again. Make your night unforgettable, and the result will not take long.

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