How to get rid of jealousy

How to get rid of jealousy
 Whatever may have been a wonderful relationship you have with your partner, and no matter how strong love, from the appearance of jealousy no one is immune. And quite often this feeling begins to destroy not only the peace and quiet in your heart, but also the relationship itself.
 Firstly, we must remember that your young man has a right to a certain freedom and can not be permanently attached to you. He may have their own interests, their friends, meeting. And it does not mean that in those moments when you are not together, it will change you. No need to constantly monitor the partner and ask about who called him, with whom he met. At first, it may be, and will flatter this attention on your part, but as a result it will start to cause irritation. And eventually lead to rupture. A similar outcome will be even more painful for you, especially when you realize that the reason for jealousy was not at all. But it will be too late.

Learn how to relate to the feeling of jealousy philosophically, as a disease that can be cured or which can be used to, no matter how difficult it may be. If you have too much free time, go do something, find yourself a hobby, a hobby, or sign up for a dance in a fitness club.

Jealousy is more common in those who consider themselves unworthy partner. So you need to become self-sufficient person in moderation, will learn to love and appreciate yourself. Then the attitude of your young man to you will change.

Avoid high demands of himself and quarrels. If there are any suspicions, just try to engage in dialogue. And do not express a complaint about his behavior, and talk about their personal experiences. But we should not complain, build a constructive dialogue, so as not to cause irritation and aggression. Remember that only openness leads to understanding and solving any issue. And never forget that your choice - it is a gift, not a property. And they should be cherished and not try to bind any cost.

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