How to cause jealousy

How to cause jealousy
 Relationship after a while can lose original ardor. Someone takes it calmly, while others are not willing to put up with it. To a loved one did not take you for granted, you can make a small shake. Jealousy sometimes helps to revive extinct feelings.
 To rekindle pogasnuvshie feelings, some women conceive with your loved one a dangerous game. Cause jealousy can almost everyone, just need to know the weak spots. But it is necessary to take into account the nature of the partner and to predict the reaction, because instead of the desired attention of men may get angry or even to get away from you. Know the measure and watch carefully how he responds to your efforts to revive the relationship.

Flirtation - one of the most common ways to cause jealousy in a partner. Casual conversation with a stranger, laughing at other people's jokes and casually said a compliment may require a lot of emotions.

Play "cat and mouse". The game is to alternate between interest and indifference to the loved one. It should show up in the details, give reason to think, but do not insult his feelings. Miss a few calls, give up the upcoming meeting or other method show a lack of interest in his attention. Men are inherently hunters, feeling that losing his girlfriend, they will try to make it happen again.

Linger for several days after the operation. Especially effective this method if you take before going to a match longer than usual. Such systematic delays are likely worried and interested in a man.

Secret fans can also cause a surge of emotion at the right partner. Later calls to the phone, and you leave the room to answer them or quickly reset. Receives a bouquet of flowers or a card with beautiful words about love from a mysterious stranger.

Do not forget the faces of reasonable jealousy, do not flirt. If the situation was getting out of control, it is better to stop and have a serious talk with your loved ones. Lose confidence just as well for his recovery will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

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