First sex: errors should not be

First sex: errors should not be
 Earlier onset of sexual life is increasingly becoming the norm among today's teenagers. Naturally, parents are taking it far from positive. What we can do, if you suspect that the first sex with your son or daughter is not around the corner, and it does not allow him or her to make a mistake?

According to statistics, four out of five teens get their information about sex from anywhere, not only from their parents. On the Internet and from friends they can get unreliable and incorrect information. For example, among some teenagers there is a perception that getting pregnant at first sex is impossible. And how do you this method of protection from unwanted pregnancy: aspirin, introduced into the vagina. The only possibility to save the child from mistakes - to become his confidant and source of reliable information.

Of course, to earn the trust of a teenager in a day or two is not possible. Trust your relationship should always be - since childhood. It is quite normal that the grown up child begins to move away from you. Build your relationship on equal terms, as friendly. But remember - your opinion is not the final authority for him.

To achieve a frank conversation with your child, tell him about your first experience. Go into the details, most likely, it is not necessary, but will have to answer awkward questions. The result of your honesty should be reciprocal openness of the child.

Why teenagers into early sexual relations? Psychologists are four main reasons. The first - the desire to be like everyone else. Among teen sex can be considered as something natural and everyday. In addition to sex in this company can be taken alcohol, smoking, drugs. Therefore, working with adolescents should be conducted simultaneously in all these areas. Explain to him that you need to be a person and to make decisions, not to obey the herd instinct. Try to change the child's attention to something else interesting to him.

The second reason - the desire to stand out. Point is his desire in the right direction. Can assert itself in the works, sports, science, etc. Next cause of early sex - curiosity. Do not attempt to prohibit child interested in this aspect of life. Better buy and leave in a conspicuous place books and encyclopedias devoted to sex education.

The last reason, pushing teen sex - the desire to become an adult. In this case, it is necessary to explain to him that a grown man has not only a privilege but also a duty. And he must be held accountable for their decisions. Tell me son, you do not mind his sexual relationship with a girl, but if she gets pregnant, the Higher Education will have to forget, because will need to work and provide for her and the baby. Let's son will think - will suit him such a life?

What else can I do? Tell your child about effective methods of contraception. Keep condoms in direct reach of a son or daughter. Interests teen with the opposite sex. Earn with all the questions and problems he was to you. If you get it, you will be able to avoid a lot of problems and do not allow your child to make a mistake.

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