Dangers holiday sex

Dangers holiday sex
 It is interesting to note that in the summer time, the ability of any woman to have an orgasm increases several times. This happens under the action of heat and sunlight, which stimulate the production of several hormones responsible for sexuality. Therefore, holiday romance, and sex resort - the phenomenon is quite frequent. Although there are some unpleasant nuances that absolutely must be taken into account.

Sex in the water. Resting on the sea, you may well feel myself a mermaid and a triton and go make love to the depths of the sea. Before you indulge in amorous games, think about how many microbes in the sea. Indeed, during intercourse, they can easily penetrate right into you. The second danger - Test the temperature drop, jumping from the hot sand in the cool water, you can get vasospasm. And the third - the water washes away vaginal lubrication, making love joy in painful or traumatic act. Only one conclusion - not make love in the water! Better to do it on land.

Sex with a stranger. Even in ordinary life passion sometimes obscures the mind, and we plunged into the abyss of passion, into the arms of charming and handsome stranger. And what can we say about the resort? But think, even in the school we are taught: casual sexual relations lead to unpleasant diseases. Here's a short list of just such diseases: syphilis, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, ureaplasmosis, papilloma virus, chlamydia, herpes, AIDS ... I think you should not continue.

Use reliable condoms (as corny as it may sound) with additional aseptic grease as possible. If unsafe contact occurs without condoms, treat their genitals solution of potassium permanganate (light pink). After that, do not be lazy to consult a doctor so that he made a rapid diagnosis and a set of procedures that will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancy.

Sex in the open air - it's wonderful! However, the midday summer heat under this definition are unlikely to fall. The fact that the exercise (sex - not the exception) in the heat are a real challenge for anyone. It is particularly dangerous for people with heart problems. What to do? Wait. Cool evening is perfect for sex. And in the shadows to engage in "amorous affairs" is much more interesting.

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