5 Reasons to take the first step of the

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 There is a stereotype that a man must always take the first step, and a woman only remains passively sit and wait for the moment when she noticed that the one and only. However, there are situations where the beautiful half should take an active role over and push the relationship with your beloved to a new level.
 1) He is too modest and indecisive. Some men have a very timid character that simply does not allow them to come to you like a quiet girl. As this may interfere with some complex or fear of failure. As a rule, all their actions are limited to a little shy and fearful glances in your direction. But if you're not opposed to enter into relations with the admirer, take an active role and Become by the initiator.

2) Your attitude has grown from a simple sympathy madly in love, not giving you sleep peacefully, and if they fall asleep, you see only in dreams of his splendid superparnyah. In this case you should stop dreaming and try to strike up a relationship with a lover. Recognized, however, do not expect that he will respond immediately and the same. As a rule, your feelings may be news to him. Do not worry, because from now on he will no longer perceive you as acquaintances and may eventually experience the same thing as you.

3) Your Beliefs - activity, confidence and desire to make a choice on their own. In this case, any tips you do not have to, because you already know, what do you want from life, so they will "possibly" will move boldly to his goal, overcoming any obstacles.

4) Between you unsettled long-lasting friendships, but soon you start to treat it not just as a friend or an intelligent companion. However, he makes no attempt to get closer. Maybe your friend is afraid to destroy those understanding and ease of communication, which unsettled now. After all, one wrong move and friendship - the end. Should itself make him understand that you do not mind to put relations on a more romantic level. Carefully press the conversation on this topic. It should pick up these words and behavior, if necessary, to reduce everything to a harmless joke.

5) Time prevents develop your Relations. If you periodically encounter with him and exchanged friendly remarks, but more simply not enough time, it's worth thinking about how to make the first move. Try the next meeting to invite him on a date, to, communicated a little longer, to know whether you have a chance at a future together. Otherwise you will regret that missed opportunity, because once your fleeting intersection can be stopped.

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